Call center and virtual telesecretariat service

Artist Call specializes in telemarketing operations, lead generation, appointment scheduling, file qualification, telesales, surveys and polls, virtual telesecretariat and web/mobile marketing.

Our services

We offer very flexible and scalable bilingual services (French – English) adapted to your needs for consumers and businesses. (B2B – B2C).

Call center

We are a team of several professionals in more than 3 continents with the same work energy in order to guide our clients towards success.


You are too busy to take your calls, not enough time for you, your company is having difficulty hiring a secretary, we have the perfect solution for you.

Work with the best

Want to make your event a success? Increase your prospect portfolio? Do you want to increase your sales and stand out from the rest? We are the ideal solution for you. We are a team of several professionals in more than 3 continents with the same work energy in order to guide our clients towards success.

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Our mission and core business scope is to facilitate the business of society. We can share our expertise in the field and we can help with any or all of the activities below:

  • analyze your company's operational needs and create a tailor-made solution to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction;
  • design the best structure that suits your business;
  • implement the agreed design and put processes and procedures in place;
  • select and recruit the right profiles for your operations;
  • manage all operations to ensure the highest level of organizational and performance excellence;
  • Performance reviews/voice of the customer: report and analyze the results together with your organization which will lead to the improvement and optimization of processes and performance.


Customer relationship

Artist Call Center puts it expertise and passion for Customer Relations at your disposal and supports you in your Business Development projects.


With us, a great know-how is guaranteed to you thanks to a perfect knowledge of the trades and the environment of our customers, as well as several years of experience and more than a hundred companies who have trusted us.


Artist Call Center is the active and profitable partner of companies and professionals wishing to use the telephone tool as a real tool for conquest, loyalty and development.


Total assimilation of your expectations, strong responsiveness, flexibility, efficiency, team performance and competitive rates.

Call center and virtual telesecretariat service